Fairly soon into my tenure at Urban Outfitters we decided to make a UO Men’s-focused print publication, UO Journal. We put out two back-to-back issues. I worked with our partnership and marketing teams to curate, write, produce, gather, edit, and proof almost all of the content. Then worked side by side with our print design team to bring the journal to life. Who said print was dead?

Issue 1
In issue 1 we were finding our way. We collaborated with then-rising singer Petit Noir, featuring him in a lookbook and profile. We tagged along on a shoot with legendary Patagonia photographer Jeff Johnson. We paid visit to Austin-based design stalwart’s LAND. And produced a Dickie’s-sponsored feature with professional skater Adrian Adrid.

Featuring photography by Jeff Johnson, Fahim Kassam, Alexandra Valenti, Chelsea Fullerton, Kate Leseur, Carey Quinton Haider, Duy Nguyen, Devyn Galindo and more

Issue 2
For UO Journal Issue 2, we set our sites on Los Angeles, the city that birthed West Coast cool. Where scrappy skaters revolutionized the art of movement. Where freethinking artists and designers create diverse and colorful works inspired by the sunlight and the unmistakable ambience of downtown.

Featuring Photography by
Hugh Holland, Alex Olson, Marcelo Gomes, Devyn Galindo, Piczo, Joe Perri, Noah Sahady, Matt Rubin, Jerrod La Rue Baty, Anna Zajac , Nicholas Haggard, Ryan Lowry, Sam Massey, Alex McDonell, Nick Minkler, and Chantal Anderson

With writing from Sway Benns, Anthony Pappalardo, Justin Esposito, Bryan Kuzma, Jason Stewart, and Laura Tsunoda.